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New ACI Software

Improved Air Conditioning Report Software


The present DCLG software leaves much to be desired. It is difficult, unhelpful and unintuitive to use, and produces very long reports which are not easy to understand for the client.


Sheldon Reed Ltd, working closely with BRE, have developed a much superior application; AirRep.

AirRep is designed to enable the quick, spell-checked and intuitive, entry of data collected under a TM44 based Air Conditioning Inspection. Once the data is entered it produces a concise certificate and report in a layout which is easy for the client to understand, and which brings out all the recommendations and inspection results at the beginning part of the report. In parallel with this it will produce the watermarked version of the DCLG report, and an XML file for lodgement on the Landmark system. (It does this via an automatic utilisation of dclg's own software which must be loaded onto your PC)


The software can produce an automated loading estimate, based on office type buildings, and can handle logo-ing of the report for many different “Employers”. It also allows the addition of a bespoke appendix, as well as built in advice and descriptions for the client.


Thus all needs are catered for.
A sample of the layout format can be downloaded below. (ABCDE Ltd Sample ACI.pdf)


At present, this software is freely available to any ACI assessor. We ask only that you report back any comments on its usability, or any minor bugs you may come across, so that we may continue approving this application.
Below are links to download this application:
The AirRep Distribution Folder.zip Contains all the files needed to run this software from scratch and produce ACI reports, plus a full and detailed user manual. (Please feel free to ignore this until all else has failed!!) It also contains a sample file with semi-random data which you can open with the AirRep software in the directory, and experiment freely with before you start in on real projects. After extracting the zipped files, to play with the software start AirRep.exe, then press the  "Open" button, and navigate to the sample subdirectory, then down to the sample file.  
The AirRep latest version.zip will always contain the most recent release of the application, with bug fixes and improvements. Once you have installed the distribution folder, simply replace the AirRep.exe file contained in it by the exe within this "latest" zip file. (Also replace any other file which is contained in the zip, as occasionally these may change too.)
Feel free to contact me for advice/help or to give me feedback (or large sackfuls of cash in appreciation of such a wonderful product!). You can do that  directly at russ.mcanulla@sheldonreed.com 

Russ McAnulla,
28 Nov 2012, 02:24
AirRep latest Update.zip
Russ McAnulla,
10 Feb 2020, 06:10
AirRep latest distribution Folder.zip
Russ McAnulla,
28 Feb 2019, 06:51